How often should I expect communication from 904 Property Management?

Communication with our owners is one of our top priorities. In your Owner Portal, you can view your current tenant, open/closed work orders, all pertinent documents to your portfolio, real-time accounting, and the ability to edit banking information as well as personal information. Please visit your Owner Portal.


We are usually able to get a property rented within 30 days from the time the home is placed on the market and is in rent-ready condition. If your home is not in market-ready condition or not priced at a competitive rate, it can take much longer.

How can a property manager help me advertise my rental?

A property manager can help streamline the entire process of renting your property. They have professional experience with screening tenants, marketing properties effectively to reduce vacancy periods, and preparing the properties for rent. This means less time spent on dealing with your rental, and more peace of mind for you.

What rental property maintenance liabilities do I need to consider?

Think of yourself as a business owner, and the tenant as your customer – you should do your best to remedy their reasonable complaints as quickly as you can.

It’s best to provide tenants with a system they can use to send maintenance requests 24/7. For emergencies, you are bound by state laws to handle them right away. If the problem puts the tenant’s health and safety at risk, you could be liable for not attending to it immediately.

How is rent collection handled?

We have made it incredibly easy for your tenants to submit their rent payments online through the Tenant Portal.

What out-of-pocket landlord expenses do I need to consider?

It may seem like collecting the rent is the bulk of your financial activity, but in fact, that is a rather small piece of the picture. Most of your financial concerns will involve up-front costs for inspecting, preparing, and advertising your property, as well as insurance and fees for background and credit checks, and legal documents.

Which insurances will I need to take out?

Landlord insurance can cover damages to the property caused by natural disasters, break-ins, etc. Disaster-specific policies, such as earthquakes, may need to be taken out separately. Liability insurance is essential to cover you in case of tenant lawsuits. You can also require your tenants to take out a renters insurance policy, so that they are covered in case of a fire or other incident that damages their belongings. An attorney and/or property manager can help you navigate this smoothly.

Can I reach 904 Property Management after hours?

Yes, we are available 24/7 by phone, text, or email!

Do you sell real estate too?

Yes, we are Realtors and can help with your buying and selling needs! Often times, when our investment property owners are ready to sell their rental properties, they enlist our help if they did not already have an established working relationship with another agent.

How long of a lease do you sign?

The lease length is up to the property owner but we typically sign a 1 year lease unless there is a reason to sign a monthly contract instead.